Azure IoT Web Client

When you develop IoT solution with Azure IoT, you may have used the Device Explorer (a Desktop tool which only supports Windows) or iothub-explorer (a CLI tool which requires Node.js) to do development or testing. From now, a web-based Azure IoT tool is coming: the Azure IoT Web Client!

Since it is web-based, there is no setup or config needed to use this tool. You could use it for Azure IoT anywhere on any device with a browser! This is a very initial release and it currently supports two main functions which are quite useful for Azure IoT development:

  • Send Device-To-Cloud Message (This key function is not included in Device Explorer and iothub-explorer)
  • Monitor Device-To-Cloud Message


More featues are coming soon! If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to submit a GitHub issue for us!

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