Integrated Marketplace in Visual Studio Code

If you are using VS Code, every one of you should have been using the Marketplace website to seek for your favorite extensions. And thanks for VS Code Team to bring built-in extension management into the VS Code. That is much straightforward to view, search and install extension in VS Code directly without opening a web browser. However, sometimes I still need open browser to go to the Makertplace website to search the extension since the search experience is better.

So, how about integrating the Marketplace into the VS Code directly? Yes! We make that! With the Extension Leaderboard extension, we could use the Marketplace website directly in VS Code. Besides that, we could also view extension leaderboard, history of download count of each extension and popular extensions.
Is that cool? Try it and let me know if you have any suggestion or question.

Integrated VS Code Marketplace

Extension leaderboard

History of download count

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