Deploy and run code in remote machine via Visual Studio Code

When doing IoT development, coding is one of the most important part. Due to the resource limit of the device, most devices do not have GUI. Someone may SSH to the remote device to code. We could only code using vi or nano. The coding experience is poor. Someone may code on the desktop then copy the code to remote device. Both of the two options are not straightforward. How about developing, deploying, running in one place?

The answer is yes! With the new feature coming in Azure IoT Toolkit, we have supported to deploy and run code in remote machine.
What you only need to do is to set some configurations. Then just deploy and run!

Config Description
azure-iot-toolkit.localFolder The folder of current machine to deploy
azure-iot-toolkit.remoteFolder The folder of remote machine to deploy The hostname or IP address of remote machine
azure-iot-toolkit.username The username of remote machine
azure-iot-toolkit.password The password of remote machine
azure-iot-toolkit.command The command to run in remote machine


Current, it is only targeting to one device. In the next, we plan to support deploying and running in multiple devices as well as remote debugging.

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