Awesome Azure IoT

You may have heard the awesome: Curated list of awesome lists, such as Awesome IoT and Awesome VS Code. And now, we have the Awesome Azure IoT.

azure-iot azure-iot-sdk azure-iot-device

The Awesome Azure IoT is a curated list of awesome Azure Internet of Things projects and resources. For now, it includes Hardware, Operating System, IoT Clouds, Framework, SDK, Libraries, Tools and Resources for Azure IoT area. With these awesome items, you could get a lot of benefits from them when building the IoT solution:

  • Establish bi-directional communication with billions of IoT devices
  • Work with familiar platforms and protocols
  • Authenticate per device for security-enhanced IoT solutions
  • Manage your IoT devices at scale with device management
  • Gain real-time insights
  • Perform real-time analytics
  • Achieve mission-critical reliability and scale
  • And more!

I am continuously working on adding more awesome items into this list. Feel free to send PR for us if you find other awesome items for Azure IoT!

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