Azure IoT Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

[Update][2017-08-28] The Azure IoT Toolkit extension has been migrated to the official extension.

In previous post, I have introduced a web-based Azure IoT tool: Azure IoT Web Client. And now, a toolkit is coming for Visual Studio Code: Azure IoT Toolkit.

At the very initial beginning, it supports below three basic and useful features:

Send messages to Azure IoT Hub (device-to-cloud message)
When doing IoT development, not every developer would have a device beside him. With this toolkit, developer could conveniently send a simulated message to Azure IoT Hub without a real device.


Monitor device-to-cloud messages
When a message is sent from a device to IoT Hub, developer could use this function to check whether the message is received by IoT Hub and whether the message payload is expected.


Device management (List, Create, Delete)


Please expect more features and supports will come!

Azure IoT Toolkit: Everything you need for the Azure IoT development. Develop, build, deploy and test in the same developer tool.

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